When it comes to Ryukyu lacquerware, Okinawan traditional crafts, come to RYUKYU KAKUMAN LACQUERWARE in Naha

The oldest store in Ryukyu, RYUKYU KAKUMAN LACQUERWARE is a long-established store

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Ryukyu Lacquerware
Care Instructions
How to handle Ryukyu lacquerware

RYUKYU KAKUMAN LACQUERWARE has the reputation for the oldest established store in Ryukyu and we have been devoted to improve the quality of lacquerware for the past five generations.

Our original products are highly valued by our customers. We will continue to strive to improve the techniques and work hard without sparing ourselves for better quality of our products. We hope our products will bring joy and satisfaction for many years to come.

How to care for lacquerware
Please store in place avoiding the direct sunlight
Not microwave safe, dishwasher-safe, nor dryer safe
Rinse with water or warm water after use
Dishwashing detergent could be used (please follow the instruction when used)
Only use a soft sponge when washing lacquerware
Please use a soft cloth (cotton or flannel) when drying lacquerware
Please dry completely in the shade and well ventilated area before storing the lacquerware for a long time

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